Thursday, 26 January 2012

How to export your Blogger posts to Wordpress

I've been trying to export my Blogger posts to Wordpress for some time now. The reason was to assure myself that if in the future I wanted to migrate away from Blogger for whatever reason, there was an easy way to transfer all of the content to an alternative system. In order to do this, I was trying to get the Blogger Importer plugin to work for ages, but it constantly errored out, giving a message about Google denying the request due to it being malformed.

I had almost given up on finding a way to import the content, when a google search led me to the "Importing Content" section of the Wordpress Codex. This was useful as it lead me to this page:

which usefully converts your blogger export file into the Wordpress format and gives it to you as a downloadable file. After downloading, I just went to the "Tools", "Import" section of the Wordpress admin console, selected the "Wordpress" link, installed the plugin, selected the file and viola! The posts were imported along with the images which had been saved as attachments. The only missing feature that I've found is that the import didn't import the labels that accompanied each post.

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